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Take your creativity to the next level with Moore Sound Recording






Whether you are a musician, a voice actor, a business owner or just someone in need of a professional audio product, we can help capture your sound.


Once your sound is captured, it’s time to turn it into something special. Our mixing services will bring out the best in your recorded sound.


Need guidance in the studio? Looking for some impartial and constructive feedback? Maybe you need some help finding that little something that is missing from your song? A producer can help with all this and so much more.

Custom Work

No two projects are the same. Whether you’re recording a song, an album, some narration, an advertisement, or creating an extra special gift, we will customize a solution tailored specifically towards you and your needs.


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At our New Sudbury recording studio, we offer a wide range of recording and producing services geared towards any budget. Our studio is modest, but capable of accommodating everything from voice work to live off the floor band recordings.  Contact us today to inquire about our services and pricing.

1124 Woodbine Avenue, Sudbury, ON, P3A 2L9


Recent Customer Reviews

Hands down one of the most passionate and comprehensive recording sessions I’ve ever had. Dustin really takes a new approach to recording, while really allowing the artist a lot of freedom to create a feel comfortable. Top of the line gear, which is all finely tuned to create the best sounds. This is easily one of best places I’ve ever had the pleasure of recording at. BOOK NOW!!

VDO Media

I have had the pleasure of recording several songs with Dustin over the years. His passion for sound and music truly shines when he is recording.
He puts in the time to produce a professional product.

Rob Bertrand